Five Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery

A man or a woman who have been living with arthritis knows that the pain will always be there unless they do something about it, health care providers say. There are many options to address this problem, but for those who have severe arthritic joints, hip replacement might be their last recourse. There are many benefits from such operation, yet there are also several risks involved. The benefits may make the person decide to go through with the operation even with the risks. As the fight to repeal the medical device tax continues, it might affect the use of hip replacement devices for hip arthroplasty.

Benefits of going through this surgical procedure may include:

-       Being free from arthritic pain. ­­­This is the first and most alluring benefit for men and women who have experienced joint pain for a long time.

-       Better hip movement which may further improve muscle tone and strength. The person may have better leg and torso coordination compared to before the surgery. Walking, climbing the stairs or any activity that requires hip movement will not be detestable.

-       Men and women are able to do get back to their work after a few weeks of rest and may be able to perform better in their tasks.

-       The feeling of freedom from pain and its limitations. Individuals who have hip pain may need assistance when they are not able to support their own weight. However, after going through the surgery, they are able to move about without the need of having assistance.

-      Improves mood of men and women. Patients have verbalized that they felt better after the surgery because they are able to go on with their lives without worrying of the pain.

Orthopedic surgeons from across the United States perform hip replacement operations on a regular basis and it is considered safe by many health care providers. Patients may choose from the many orthopedic surgeons who are specializing in this area. Men and women are now able to go home after the operation and need not stay more than five days inside the hospital, provided that there are no complications after the surgery.

On the other hand, there are certain controversies surrounding the devices used in hip replacement surgeries. A few of the patients who have had the DePuy Pinnacle hip system inserted as replacement for their diseased hip have even filed a DePuy Pinnacle device lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. News reports on progress of these cases have been handled by DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement lawyers.

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